Thursday, November 20, 2014

Arrow animated style

Themis titles as the appear at Muse Comics & Games in Colorado Springs

Getter Robo Dragon Chibi

Gaiking Chibi

Completed Georgia sports teams commission

Georgia sports teams commission

Georgia sports teams commission

Megatron SD Chibi

Soundwave SD Chibi

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Completed Commissioned Sketch Cover

Completed Sketch Cover Commission

Abigail Watercolor

Wolverine Water Color

Baron Von Saturday issue # 1 Manga

Baron Von Saturday Manga Style

Abigail issue 2 Manga style

Mazinger Z Chibi for Inktober

Miriya Sterling from Robtoech sketch card for Inktober

Doc Holliday Sketch Card for Inktober

Sho'Nuff Sketch Card

Gracie Law Sketch Card

Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3 ink on toned paper for Inktober

Voltron Chibi Sketch Card

Back cover of Comissioned Sketch cover from Rocky Mountain Con

Walking Dead Commissoned Sketch Cover Front from Rocky Mountain Con

Poison Ivy Sketch card from Rocky Mountain Con

Penguin...I hate that name!!!!!

60's style Godzilla sketchcard I drew for my little cousin in Californina

Batmanga Sketch card for Inktober

Colors on Adam West Chibi

Inks for an Adam West Chibi sketch card for Inktober

Inktober Mazinger Z

All hail the KING! King Diamond inkwash for Inktober

Elvira inkwash for Inktober

Edward Scissorhands inkwash for Inktober

Jack is dead my friend....

Abigail Manga Style!

Pinhead sketch I did in a sketch book

Doing a sketch in a sketch book at the Colorado Springs Toy Con

Bela Lugosi Sketch Card for Inktober

Michael Myers Sketch Card for Inktober

Jason Voorhess sketch card...still playing catch up on posting my Inktober pieces the meantime please check my Facebook and Instagram as those are caught up...

Inks for some badge art for an upcoming con

Inks on a comissioned sketch cover